Apr 1, 2012

A Day In Town

On Monday, I had my weekly SO board meeting at the University Club, so we spent the morning poolside.
University Club

Dad was excited to do some kayaking around Prickly Bay.

Apparently that wore him out.  Then it was time for a snooze.  Hey, he's on vacation.  It's allowed.

After lunch at the pool, we headed into St. George's to show the rents the spice market, the old churchs, and Fort George.
Downtown St. George's

Spice Market

This church was all but destroyed by Hurrican Ivan in 2004.

Mom, Me, Rach, Dad
Fort George

View of St. George's from Fort George.
After seeing the sights of St. George's, we came home, showered off, and headed to the crab races at the Owl Bar.  Julie's mom Phyllis has been in town as well and we all enjoyed betting on the crabs.  Mom even won a race! 
Me, Julie, Rachel, and Phyllis

Mom and I with our crabs (Mooshoe and Shelby)
We all had so much fun and I think they felt like they were getting to enjoy a very "Grenadian" experience!

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