Apr 1, 2012

Mom and Dad Meet My Babies

I think that one of the things I was looking forward to most about my family coming to visit Grenada was them meeting my Limes babies.  Mom has heard me talk on and on over the phone about how much I adore these children and how much of an impact they have had on my life over the past year that I just couldn't wait for her to meet all of them and fall in love with them the way I have.  I was a little nervous that the kids might be intimidated by so many new faces but of course, they quickly latched on to anyone that would give them a hug or a "jockey" and my family was no exception.  I just wish we could have spent a few more days with the kids, but I had so much on our itinerary that there was only room for one day at Limes.
Dad and Chad

Rachel with Deanna and Shawnte

Mom giving Kyla a "jockey"!

Dad teaching Adriel math.

Working on pen pal letters with Samira.

Chad is such a lover.

Kyla in Miss Laura's shades.
Mom and Rachel at "school" being taught by two 3 year olds and a 1 year old.

I don't think Dad remembers the last time he colored. :)
Just looking at these pictures makes me smile because my family loved on these kids like I love on these kids even though this was the first day they had ever met them.

Earlier in the day, I took Mom, Dad, and Rach to Magazine Beach for some snorkeling and lunch at Aquarium.  It was the perfect day for snorkeling with very little waves and crystal clear water.
Can you guess which girl lives in the Caribbean?

I will never get tired of this.

Ready to go!

Sipping Pina Coladas
Lunch at Aquarium
After a long day in the sun, we kept things simple for dinner and made cheeseburgers at home.  It was the perfect end to a perfect day.

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  1. So fun to see the fam having such a wonderful time together. Grenada looks amazing! We'll get to hear all about the trip tomorrow as we celebrate Easter at Gramma Catie's.
    Love u bunches,
    Aunt Jenny & Uncle Jerry