Apr 12, 2012

Limes Easter Party

Last week, the Limes After School Program partnered with the Women in Medicine Club and Family Medicine Club at SGU to put on an extra special Easter party for the kids at Limes.  Jessie and I had already planned to do something special for the kids, but with WIM and FM's help, we were able to make the party unforgettable.

The kids made bunny hats, strung cross beaded necklaces, had an egg race and then topped off the day with a special snack, KFC!  And Miss Laura's mom generously donated Easter goodie bags for all the kids.  An extra special thanks to Miss Katherine Fung, a very dedicated Limes volunteer and an extremely talented photographer for taking all of these pictures.  Her photos capture the day better than my words ever could.  Check out her blog HERE to see more from the party and more of her amazing work.
Let's get this party started!

Kerriann the model.

Dede my little doll.

Kyla...Mr. Josh's baby.

Kevin making bunny hats.

Tamara and her necklace.

We love limes!

Kevon the Easter bunny.

Ruthie always finds a friend.

Does it fit Miss Julie?

The necklace making station.

Ohhhh Chad.

Egg racing on the Limes field.

Ready, Set, Concentration!

The big kid group.

Ready for snack...what will it be?!?!?


Jade, so sweet yet so sly.

Jivy Bunny


And cake too!

Messy, sticky Miss Stephanie

Goodie bags.

What's in it Dede?

Jelly beans.

Everyone head home!

Miss Laura and I
All of our fabulous volunteers who helped make the day so special!
I wish I could spend every Easter with these children.

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