Residency Years

Josh started his surgical residency in July 2014.  Here are some posts about life in residency.

First Two Weeks of Residency

Medical School: A Four Year Journey Come Full Circle

True Life, I'm a Resident

What is a Prelim?

True Life: Month on Nights

Match Day 2015

2015 Match (our story)


  1. This blog has been very helpful for me in deciding whether to accept an offer to SGU. I will be in New Castle for the 1st year. Im worried since no federal loans can be used how you guys managed. Any input is helpful

    1. Hi there, you will love Newcastle! Congrats to you on that big accomplishment. Unfortunately, I cannot comment on the loan situation with regard to Newcastle because that changed the year AFTER we were there. So we were still allowed to take out federal loans for Josh's 4 years of school. I know people who have done it though. Perhaps ask the financial aid office at SGU how to go about it and what the best options are?

  2. Hello. I will like to tell you that Josh (as I called him because of the confidenceence he gives you) cared for me after transplant. And I believe he is one of the best doctors I have ever met. I have so many exapmles of it that I would need a booklet to write. Thanks for sharing him with the world. Manny transplant recepient on 12/2/14