Apr 25, 2012


...And it feels so good!

I landed in Grenada last night around 7:00pm.  Josh was there to welcome me with open arms, haul my bags to the car, and get me over to the field to help cheer him on in the intramural flag football championship game. 

As tired as I was, having gotten up at 2:30am and traveling all day, I was so glad I got to be there to watch Toon Squad win their second in a row flag football trophy.  I didn't remember to bring my camera to the game, but luckily, one of SGU's students Danny Garcia was there to document the evening.  He is part of SGU's photography club and based on some of his shots from last night, I'd say he's got some real talent, ya know, if the doctor thing doesn't work out. :)

Look at those sklls!
Toon Squad

And their fans.
3 IM trophies for these four in 2 terms

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  1. CONGRATS to the team! Glad you made it back to the Island safely and in enough time to share in the victory.

    Loved having you home! Tell Josh thanks for letting you come home.

    Love you and see you soon,