Sep 30, 2011

Jump Around

This week has been JAM PACKED with things to do!  Which explains why my blog has fallen to the wayside.  Don't worry though, I plan to do lots of catching up over the weekend.

Yesterday, the SO's went to La Sagesse Beach.  This was my second trip there and after going again, I wondered why I haven't gone again sooner.  I love this beach!  La Sagesse is beautiful.  The day was perfect, the breeze felt great, and minus my husband, all of my other favorite people on the island were there.

 Kelsey and I walked the sand and found lots of cool beach finds. Including this teeny tiny conch shell. I love it!
And I really love that Kelsey girl too!  What can I say, she's growing on me. :)  Too bad she leaves in December.
Then things started to get a little silly.  Kelsey and I have this "high burst" shutter speed on our camera.  So we started to "jump around" a bit.

Yup, this girl has still got it.
It was pretty hilarious.  But maybe you had to be there. 

I finished off the day with a little palm tree swingin'.

The SO's had such a great time.  I think there were 27 SO's and 10 kids that came.  What a turnout!  I am going to promise myself I won't wait 3 months before I go back to La Sagesse again.
About 1/2 of the group.

Sep 26, 2011

A Case of the Monday's

Monday's are always super busy for me.  The day starts off early, packing a lunch for Josh and taking him to school.  Followed by SO board meetings, pool time at the University Club, and then off to Queen Elizabeth Home to spend some time with the kids.  And then of course there is dinner to be cooked, and the laundry that I accidentally left in the washer overnight that now needs to be rewashed because it smells mildewy before it can be hung to dry (this happens to me weekly, you'd think I'd be get better at it).  Before I even blink an eye, Monday is over and we're on to Tuesday which can be just as chaotic.   

Sometimes I wish Monday didn't have to come so quickly, because the week is going to be busy, and I could use another day to sleep in and relax.  But then I think about things like this.
 A drawing of Miss Stephanie and Miss Kelsey by my little friend Malcom at Queen Elizabeth Home. 

And I realize how important some of the things I am doing here in Grenada are.  Grandma Scurlock told me last week that she has wondered for quite some time now why Josh and I were sent here, to Grenada, of all places for his medical school journey.  But she sees now, through my posts, that maybe God was sending us here so that I could serve a purpose here with these beautiful children.  That maybe there was a greater reason for us being here than just an MD degree.  I'm beginning to believe her.

Sep 25, 2011

My First Hash

No. A hash does NOT mean I went out to smoke pot as so many might assume. 

All over the world, there are events that take place every couple weeks where "hashers," or non-competitive runners/walkers/drinkers, participate in a Hash, which is a paper marked trail that you can either run or walk.   The person who sets the trail each week is referred to as the "Hare," and that person might be different each week.  Sometimes there are false trails and they can range from taking 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete.  Competition is frowned upon.  It really is just meant for people to have a good time and do some exploring that eventually leads you back to a bar or rum shop so you can party and socialize.  If I've completely confused you with this description, you can read more about it HERE, because honestly, I didn't really get it until I actually participated in it. 

Every week the Hash is at a different location around the island.  Hash #703, which was yesterday, was located just outside of St. George's and was extremely easy to drive to.  I appreciated that as it was my very first hash and Josh was of course not present.  Luckily, I went with some friends who have done some previous hashes. 

Emily and I before the hash.
The hash started at 4:00pm and of course the rain started to pour at about 4:01pm.  So it was a bit of a wet, muddy, uphill battle.  But it was fun.  And of course when you are hiking up for a long period of time, you know there is going to be a worthwhile view once you reach the top.
Too bad it was raining!
This hash was actually surprisingly short.  We were back to the starting point within about 40 minutes, which apparently is rare.  But I think it was a perfect introduction to hashing for me as a virgin hasher.
Jessie and I AFTER the hash.

Back to the starting point!

Hash House Harriers: A world-wide organization
They were handing out free dinner to every hasher after the hash.  But for some reason it just didn't look that appetizing to me.

Overall, it was a really fun experience and I look forward to doing some more hashes during my time here in Grenada.  I hope that at some point, Josh will be able to participate with me! On On!

Sep 23, 2011


Remember in my last post I said I had another birthday to attend?  Well on Wednesday night we celebrated my good friend Sara's 20th birthday.  She's no longer a teenager anymore!  I sometimes can't believe she was married and living in a foreign country at the young age of 18.  But I am jealous that at such a young age she has been all over the world and experienced so many things that I hadn't when I was her age.

Birthday Girl Sara and I
Sara had told us during the summer (seems weird to call any season "summer" since they all seem the same here) that she wanted a bonfire at the beach for her 20th birthday.  So we planned a bonfire on Magazine Beach complete with hot dogs, soda, lots of cake, and best of all mosquitos!  I think all who attended where pretty eaten up by the end of the night.  It's really too bad mosquitos don't drink fat instead of blood.  I'd be getting SUPER skinny!
Kelsey, Me, Amber, Laura, Blaire

Kelsey and I

Me, Emily, Lyndzee, and Blaire
 I'm sorry to say Grandma Scurlock, but Joshua was yet again not in attendance. Too much studying to do to spare a couple of hours. (She wonders why Josh is never in the pictures-TIG).

Anyway, we had a little trouble starting the bonfire, but luckily Sarah G. came to the rescue and showed off her Girlscout skills in fire making.  So we roasted some hotdogs and ate them watching the sun go down.

At this time of year, Magazine Beach might be one of the best spots to watch the sun go down.  It continues to amaze me how beautiful the sunsets are here and how different they all are.  They are never exactly the same.  Maybe one of these days I will get up early enough to watch the sun rise.  I'm sure that's beautiful too.

I hope that Sara enjoyed her birthday party.  I am so thankful to call her a friend and loved being able to celebrate her special day with her. Welcome to the twenties Sara!
Newcastle Girls!
Sarah G., Sara W. (Birthday Girl), Lyndzee, Michelle, Me, Emily, Blaire, & Allison

Sep 21, 2011

Mike's 25th!

On Monday evening, I joined some friends of mine for Laura's husband Mike's 25th birthday.  We went to a French restaurant called La Boulangerie.  Josh was unable to attend due to studying. Story of my life.  So I went solo.  Kelsey was supposed to be my date, but she ditched me to sit at the other end of the table. Rude! :)

I had heard that the food was really good and it did not disappoint.  It was SO DELICIOUS!  I got a calzone.  And it was as big as my head. I'm not kidding.
Maybe it was bigger than my head.
But it worked out well, because I was able to bring lots home for poor Josh.  Gotta feed that brain!

We had such a great time at dinner. And Laura made the most amazing cake.  It was peanut butter cake with homemade chocolate frosting. It tasted like a peanutbutter cup. Yum!
Laura, Me, Kelsey

Cat, Me, Laura

Nicole and I
With so many people on the island, it sometimes feels like we are celebrating birthdays every week.  In fact, I'm going to another one tonight!  But no complaints here, I always love to have a reason to eat cake. 

Happy Birthday Mike!

Sep 20, 2011

Jesus loves the little children

Jesus loves the little children.

All the children of the world.

Red and yellow, black and white

They are precious in His sight.

Jesus loves the little children of the world.

These children are changing my life.