Apr 13, 2012

Sunset on Grand Anse Beach

On Saturday, Josh and I spent most of the day lounging.  He actually wanted to go to the beach, but I was in desperate need of nap.  It is VERY unlike me to turn down a trip to the beach, but I had gotten up early to teach a gymnastics class and then worked at the SO kids Easter party all while he continued to sleep. :) 

By about 5pm, I was ready to do something.  So we grabbed a towel and headed over to Grand Anse Beach to watch the sunset together.  Since the sun isn't setting until about 6:30pm these days, we had a bit of time and walked down the beach to Garfield's to enjoy a pina colada...or two.

I need to make sure we see a few more of these before we leave Grenada.  Only one month left on this beautiful island.


  1. Beautiful pictures of a beautiful island.

    Even though the sun is going down on your time in Grenada, you will carry the memories with you forever. I'm so glad Dad, Rachel, and I had a chance to share a bit of the experience with you and Josh.

    Looking forward to your homecoming.

    Love you,