Feb 29, 2012

The Competition

As of this afternoon, I think I might have some serious competition for my husband.

Jada and Kyla are falling head over heels for Mr. Josh. 

They might be stealing his heart.

I know watching them with him is definitely stealing mine.

A Place To Call Our Own

The Limes Afterschool Program has struggled since its start a few years ago with where to hold class.  For some reason, many of the buildings and schools in the area have been unwilling to let us use a room for our program.  Past volunteer coordinators have asked the schools and the churches and the answer has always been a resounding NO.  Over a year ago (before I came to Grenada), Kelsey was able to get the Dynamite Disco (a local bar) to allow the Limes program to use the upstairs of their establishment.  This was helpful, but in time, new management stepped in, locks were changed, and we were forced yet again to find a new place to meet. 

At that point, the easiest answer seemed to be to meet on the public Limes field.  There are some benefits to the field, it's a large space, close to many of the kids homes, and the basketball court is just above the field.  However, whenever it rains (which is often) class was canceled.  We were caught many times in the middle of class in a sudden downpour and there were lots of distractions from local adults.

At the end of last term, Kelsey and I were approached by one of the parents of a child in our class.  She had spoken with the Limes pre-school adjacent to the field and they had agreed that if we raised the money, we could build on their property and then use if for our class.  We also had the pastor of the Limes Mennonite Church come to our rescue and agree to help us with drawing up building plans, getting estimates, and providing the labor free of charge.  With that, Kelsey and I set to work to come up with the money needed for our project.  Luckily, this was easier than we initally thought.  We had very large donations from two clubs at SGU and by this past January, we had raised the money necessary for the supplies. 

This past weekend, the men of the Limes Mennonite Church went to work building our pavillion.  I can't tell you how exciting it was to see this idea become a reality.  I was directly involved in orchestrating this project, but I know that there are lots of SO volunteer coordinators past and present who have been equally a party of this journey to our own Limes Afterschool Program spot.  We really can't thank the Mennonite Church and the Limes Pre-School enough for their generosity.

The highlight of all of this was having class yesterday for the first time in our new location.  I could tell that the kids were extra excited about having a place of their own.  We were shaded from the sun and it felt like we could keep the kids a little more under control because they are limited to the confines of the pre-school.
Completed Structure!

Working on worksheets in the shade.

Miss Allison helping with a worksheet.
Miss Yunah and the kids coloring.

Miss Julie and Chris doing puzzles.

Parachute time with Miss Jessie and Miss Laura.  Thanks Kristin for the parachute!


Obstacle course with Miss Kat!

Miss Laura and Deanna

She is just too precious for words.
Of course with this new structure comes new challenges for us as volunteers.  We are now holding class on private property and have to be much more careful about the kids behaviour.  Since throwing rocks and writing on walls are some of the kids favorite rules to break, we as volunteers have to keep a much closer eye on them.  This is of course, easier said than done.  But I am hoping that with these better enforced rules and new structure, the kids will learn to better respect the rules of class and overall, it will only make the Limes program a much better experience for everyone.

I am so excited for the future of the Limes Program and am so happy that I got to be a part of something that will be so lasting for these kids and the SO volunteers in the future.

Feb 23, 2012

The "Crayon Man"

This week at Limes I was coloring with one of the kids.  Joshua to be exact.  He's five years old and we all know I have an affinity for "Joshuas."

As I was watching him collect all of the crayons into his one little hand I said, "Josh what are you doing?"

His matter-of-fact reply, "Miss, I'm the Crayon Man."

Well, alright then.

Feb 22, 2012

Babes and Boats

I spend many of my Saturday mornings at Grand Anse Beach participating in OSO (Orphanage Student Organization) beach days.  Each week they rotate between Queen Elizabeth Home and Bel Air Home and a few weeks ago I was there with the QE kids (I know, I'm a bit behind in my posts).  These are the same kids that the SO's visit on Monday afternoons and I love that we get to see them again every other Saturday for a bit of fun in the sand and sea.

But this specific Saturday was extra special because it was the annual Grenada Workboat Regatta.  It's a good thing I was at Grand Anse Beach for OSO or else I would have competely missed it!  It was such an experience to see all of the boats racing through the water.  It looks like a lot more work than I would have thought and some boats even capsized. They had lots of booths set up with local food and drinks for sale as well as souveniers.  It was definitely worthwhile to check out all the action.

And they're off!

The wind "snapped" the sail and it scared me!
  What I want to know is how I got so lucky that I get to spend my Saturday mornings like this?  :)

Feb 21, 2012

If you like Pina Coladas...

...then go to Magazine Beach and have one from the Aquarium Restaurant. 

That's what Julie and I did on Sunday afternoon.  They were so very very delicious.  And the beach wasn't too bad either. :)  Even if I did get hit on by the same local man three seperate times.  Why wouldn't I want to go for a swim with him?  -TIG

Hopefully once Josh is done with midterms on Friday, he and I can have a little beach time together.  I would LOVE to go swimming with him! :) 

Feb 18, 2012

Limes Beach Day

We walked 47 of the Limes kids to Grand Anse Beach today.  And there were moments throughout the afternoon when I asked myself, what the heck was I thinking?!?!

But then I saw the smiles on their faces and heard the giggles as the water hit their toes and the sand became caked on their bodies and I knew it had been worth it.

**Please disregard the water spots on my pictures.  I had to use the underwater camera today.  I think the reason is obvious. :)

Thanks to all the volunteers who came out to help with our beach day.  It would have been impossible without everyone there. 

Feb 17, 2012


Josh has been busy studying.  Are you surprised by that statement?  My guess is probably not.

He has his first set of midterms for 5th term starting with Pathophysiology on Monday.  Which leaves me to do just about whatever I want with my days. 

This afternoon I spent it doing one of my favorite things on the island...relaxing on the beach.

A Diet Coke, Kindle, Towel, Sunshine, and toes in the sand are all that's required to make this girl happy.  It was perfect.

The only thing that might have made this better would be a husband that could join me.  I guess a girl can't have EVERYTHING.