Apr 11, 2012

Mt. Carmel with Josh

Josh finished his second set of midterms this past Thursday and in my opinion (and probably the entire 5th term class), these tests could not have been better timed as they ended right before the four day Easter weekend.  Josh and I got to enjoy the holiday weekend free from the worries of medical school.  It. Was. Grand. 

And can I just say that 5th term is proving to be MUCH less stressful than 4th term was.  After every set of midterms in 4th term, the only thing Josh wanted to do was sleep, all weekend.  I would beg him to go out and do stuff and he just needed rest.  But after 5th term midterms, he's been up for exploring the island. 

On Friday, we went to Mt. Carmel Falls with our friends Kris and Tarrah.  This was my third and probably last trip to Mt. Carmel, but I was really glad that Josh finally got to see it.

We had a great time at the falls and ended the day with a few relaxing hours at La Sagesse.  Such a fun Good Friday!

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