Apr 7, 2012

One day at the Midterm Social...

...I almost died.

I actually didn't know how close I came to dying until I saw the pictures. 

But let's set the scene.  Three amazingly tan SO's at the SO midterm social decide to go for a tube ride on beautiful Grand Anse Beach.  The sun was shining and the water was crystal clear.  Julie forgot to take off her perscription sunglasses but we figured the ride would be fairly mild, she could hold them in her hand.  What could possibly go wrong on such a perfect day?

We set out on our tube screaming with glee as we were drug around the Caribbean water.  It was so much fun!
That is until the last few seconds of the ride, when Mr. Boat Driver thought it would be really fun to whip us around right at the end and failed to correctly judge the distance of the tube to the sand.
This picture is titled:  Three Girls Hold on For Dear Life
But don't worry, we didn't flip out backwards.  Although we definitely felt like we were going to!  And Julie somehow managed to hold onto her glasses and stay in the tube.  I think Mr. Boat Driver realized this particular ride was a bit of a close call.  I didn't see him whipping anyone around after that.

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  1. The Grenadian thrills just don't stop! Glad you are all safe.

    Love, Mom