Apr 26, 2012


...Limes style.
The weekend before I left to go home for Alexa's wedding, Julie and I decided to have a sleepover with some of our Limes kids.  And when I say we decided, I mean some of the kids asked and I caved, instantly.  And then I asked Josh if it was okay.  And when I say asked, I mean told. 

So on a Friday evening, Julie and I picked up four little girls, two 8 year olds and two 3 year olds (these aren't your average 3 year olds) and headed to my apartment for an evening of girly fun.  The girls were SO excited.  They spent the first 10 minutes in my apartment squealing with glee, jumping on the bed, and running around.  It was adorable.  I don't know that these girls have ever experienced a real "sleepover," and I am so glad that Julie and I got to watch as they ate pizza, painted nails, made beaded necklaces, watched a movie, enjoyed icecream sundaes, and stayed up entirely too late.
Jumping Jada

Shanika painting her toes.

Jivy painting....we had to repaint.

Watching "Tangled"

Icecream sundaes

Impossible to get them all to look.

My baby 3 year olds that didn't once cry for Mom or wake up in the middle of the night.

Julie's ipad was EXTREMELY popular.
Sleeping babes.

We wore these two out!
It was so fun having all these girls over.  Even if Julie and I barely got any sleep.  I love these kids so much and am so glad I got to do something special for them before I leave the island, even if Julie and I have been asked every day since to do it again!

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