Apr 21, 2012

My Absence in Blogging This Week...

...Has been majorly due to the fact that I'M IN BAKERSFIELD! 

I've been here since Monday night for one of my very best friend Alexa's wedding today!  I've been busy catching up with friends and family and helping Alex prepare for the big day.

Last night was the rehersal dinner and today is sure to be jam packed with wedding fun.  I can't wait. The only thing that would be better is if Josh were here.
Liz and I at the rehersal

The happy couple: Micah and Alexa!
Congratulations to Micah and Alexa! I know today is going to be so special and that your life together will be filled with happiness. I love you both!

I'm back to Grenada and my Joshua on Tuesday and will be back to blogging regularly then. Until then, happy wedding day!

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  1. Have SO much fun at home!!! Jealous! Blow kisses toward my family in Rosedale, will ya? :)