Apr 15, 2012

Easter Hike

We had a bit of a non-traditional Easter this year.  With Josh still being on break from midterms, we decided to spend Easter Sunday exploring some more of the island that Josh had yet to see.  We have to take advantage of these weekends because they rarely happen! 
Before my parents came to Grenada a few weeks ago, I had never been to Grand E'tang or Seven Sisters Falls, and now I have been twice.  If I didn't have to drive, I'd probably go again because I love it soooo much! 

We woke up Easter morning to a special treat from the Easter Bunny.
Last year's Easter baskets that made it all the way from England!
After breakfast, we headed up to Grand E'tang to see the monkeys!  Luckily, there were no cruise ships in port and so the place was pretty quiet.  Perfect for the two of us.

We then headed to Seven Sisters.  It was a really nice and sunny day and we enjoyed ourselves as we hiked down to the falls.
At the trail head.

Birds of Paradise
Initally, we were the only ones at the falls and so we got to enjoy paradise by ourselves for quite a while.

We ate our packed lunch while we enjoyed the sunshine on the rocks next to the falls.  When some other hikers arrived, we got braver.  They were jumping, so we decided to do it too.  It was a little scary because you had to jump kinda far to hit the deep part of the pool, but I'm glad we did it.
Josh dove! Scary!

I was not quite so brave.
When we got back from our hike, we BBQ'ed hamburgers with Julie and Kevin and spent the evening playing card games.  It was a great Easter Sunday and even though we were unable to spend it with our families in California, we are happy to be blessed with such good friends and such a beautiful island to celebrate Christ's resurrection on.

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