Jul 24, 2012

After 2 Years Abroad...

....we are finally California residents again!

We finally got the news from SGU this morning with our confirmation for clinical rotations placement.  We will be moving to Colton, CA for Josh to begin Internal Medicine at Arrowhead Regional Medical Center on August 20!  Our plan is to find a place in Redlands which is about 10-15 minutes away from the hospital.  We I could not be more excited!  Because lets be honest here, we FINALLY get to open/use our wedding gifts!!!

I have been on pins and needles waiting for our placement.  I was trying to mentally prepare for the worst, which for me would have been moving to NYC, but truth be told, I think I would have lost it if we had been told we needed to move there.  I am so thankful we got our first choice, especially since we have a few good friends that didn't. :( 

Now if only we had that pesky Step I score, all our stress would be minimal.  Oh well, I guess I can't have it all...yet!

Jul 18, 2012

Test Day

I'm sitting in the hotel room in Camarillo, CA after just dropping off Hubby at the Prometric testing center where he has undoubtedly started what is likely the biggest exam of his medical school career.  Two years of classes, thousands of dollars, and 9 weeks of intense studying have most certainly prepared him for today.  An 8 hour, 300 + question exam is all that separates him from freedom.  Well, at least until clinical rotations start in 4 weeks. :)

Josh has been plenty calm since last night, showing little to no nerves.  He went to bed early and had a good nights sleep and woke up this morning calm and collected.  I on the otherhand somehow managed to do my spousely duties and transfer all of his "should have" stress to myself.  I have knots in my stomach, I hardly slept a wink last night due to dreams about test day, and I nearly cried the moment I left him at the testing center due to relief that it was finally going to be over soon.  It's a good thing one of us can hold it together in stressful situations!  I guess there's a reason why he's the one in medical school and not me.

The test will soon be behind us and we can celebrate this weekend with not one, but two weddings to attend!

Until then, if you get a chance, send some prayers our way today.  I know I would appreciate it!

And on a side note, do you think I sent enough food with Josh today?
That's 2 PB&J's, a Power Bar, Granola bar, Pringles, Banana, Red Bull, Powerade, Trail mix, and Banana chips.

We had planned to go out to a nice dinner tonight to celebrate, but he may not be hungry after his test!

Jul 13, 2012

Musical Chairs...

...Step I Style.

Josh's big test is quickly approaching.  Wednesday is T-Day and I don't think either of us could be any more ready for it to be over.  He feels ready and truly wishes that he would have scheduled it sooner.  At least in Josh's case, 9 weeks of studying was really too much. 

I can't wait for him to be done so that we can actually spend some quality time together.

He's been confined to the house for a little over two months and so I've been forced to find other means of entertainment.  Lately, I've found it funny to snap pictures of him in his many many study locations around the house.

And so I present, the Step I Study Spots of Joshua Scurlock.
At the Desk.

In the Bed.

At the Dining Table.

At the Kitchen Table.

On the Family Room Couch.

On the Living Room Couch.
The poor guy.  He's spent two months in one of these six places.  If you think about it, say some prayers for Josh this week as does his last minute preparations for the test.  And think some happy thoughts for him on Wednesday as he takes his 8 HOUR exam!

Jul 3, 2012

A Colorful Day

On Saturday morning, my friend Liz and I did something super RAD!  We ran the Color Me Rad 5K race in Bakersfield, in what felt like 90 degree heat, while people chucked dyed corn starch at us along the way.  Sounds like fun right?!? 

Actually, it was  A LOT of fun! 

It may have taken an entire bar of soap to get the paint off....along with about three layers of skin.  And I may have looked a little Smurf-like for the rest of the day due to blue paint that didn't quite come all the way off until shower #3, but it was a blast. 
Here are some pictures from the run.  If you are interested in doing one yourself, check out this link HERE. They are happening all over the country.
Squeaky Clean

So many people!!!

And they're off

Totally colored rad!