Feb 2, 2011

"White Thanksgiving"

Thanksgiving rolled around in late November and with the holiday came the first snow of the season.  Josh and I woke up Thanksgiving morning to a fresh blanket of snow.  It was especially neat since neither of us have ever lived in a place where it snows regularly.  It was our first "White Thanksgiving."

View from our front window Thanksgiving morning
Since the UK doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving, it made it slightly challenging to figure out Thanksgiving day plans.  My brother said that instead of Thanksgiving, people in the UK should call it "Thanks-for-leaving."   Josh had class all day long, so we made a decision to celebrate on Friday instead.  We had our good friends Kris, Tarrah, Allison, Daniel, and Tarun over for a Thanksgiving dinner potluck. 

I was a little nervous about hosting Thanksgiving dinner.  After all, I only just started cooking regularly in August and now, with Tarrah's help, I was cooking a 17lb turkey!! 


Turkey Cooks: Tarrah & Steph
Luckily, it turned out great and we had such a wonderful time celebrating the day with friends.  We were so thankful to be enjoying this great country and all that God has blessed us with in the past year.

Here are some photos from the evening.
Future Doctors

The Whole Gang

First Married Thanksgiving

Our turkey carver Daniel

The spread (well part of it)

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