Feb 6, 2011


Apparently, the first step in the road to recovery is admitting you have a problem.   Well, I have a scrapbooking addiction.  I can't help it, I'm drawn to all the beautiful girly papers, the stickers, ribbons, funky scissors, brads, and sparkly things.  The sound of paper cutters and the smell of gluesticks has this affect on me that I just can't explain.  My scrapbooking addiction began in college after I started dating Josh.  I decided to do a one year anniversary scrapbook for us and from then on I couldn't stop. I've made a scrapbook every year that we have dated (4 years), a football scrapbook for Josh, an engagement scrapbook, a honeymoon scrapbook, and I'm currently working on our wedding one.  I even had a table at our wedding dedicated to displaying all my scrapbooks.
The amount of money I've spent on scrapbook supplies is probably equivalent to a downpayment on a house.  Luckily, it has been spread out over many years so I guess it's not so bad.  Just don't tell my husband.  Somehow, I was able to squeeze some of my supplies into my suitcases set for the UK and I went on a couple adventures to find scrapbooking stores in Newcastle for supplies. 

Today's afternoon has been spent doing nothing but wedding scrapbooking.  With 800+ wedding photos to work with, it's going to take me lots of time to finish it, so I suppose it's a really great thing that I have absolutely nothing to do for the next few months.  I pretty much take over the sitting room when I'm scrapping.

No scrapbooking addict is complete without their box of goodies.
Their stack of papers.
And their compartment of knick knacks.
Here's an example of one of the pages I completed today.
Although I've admitted I have this problem, I'm not ready to do anything to get rid of it.  So back to scrapping I go.  Hey, there have to be worse addictions out there. :)

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