Feb 2, 2011

Scotland Bound

During the second week of Mom and Dad's visit to the UK, we headed up to Scotland via car!  We rented a car in Newcastle and Dad drove it around Scotland for five days.  How he drove on the opposite side of the road using a stickshift without getting into any accidents is beyond me.  He drove so well, and we only entered a roundabout going the wrong direction once!  Josh was unable to accompany us because we were gone during the weekdays.  He was definitely missed.  Here are some of the highlights of the trip.

Made it to Scotland!

Jedburgh Abbey

Melrose Abbey

Edinburgh Castle

Overlooking Edinburgh

Loch Ness....We didn't see Nessie though :(

Isle of Skye

I definitely slipped in Skye mudd

Long haired cattle on the side of the road

Traditional Scottish Breakfast complete with Haggis
(sheep heart liver and lungs)

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  1. It was a slendid trip, except for you hurting your knee! I love your blogspot! It is a good thing you have been journaling. Now you have a way to share your adventures with your friends and loved ones. I love you, miss you, can't wait to kiss you! Love, Mom