Feb 14, 2011

Valentine's Day Tradition

In honor of celebrating our 5th Valentine's Day together, I decided it's only necessary to recap the last five Valentine's Days that Josh and I have spent together.  As many of my friends and family already know, I am VERY tradition oriented.  It doesn't matter what holiday we are talking about, there are always traditions that must be carried out in order to make my holidays complete.  For instance, Halloween CANNOT be celebrated without going to a pumpkin patch, picking a pumpkin, and carving it.  The fourth of July MUST include fireworks, homemade icecream, and sunbathing in my Gramma Catie's pool.  Christmas NEEDS to be equipped with Christmas Eve pajamas, homemade Christmas cookies, Christmas cards/pictures, and a cutdown Christmas tree decorated while eating candy canes and eggnog (both of which I don't really care for but are required none the less), and Valentine's Day CAN'T happen without a large decorated heart shaped chocolate chip cookie made by yours truly.

For our first Valentine's Day together, I found a heartshaped cookie sheet at Target and decided that it would be fun to decorate a cookie for Josh.  We had been dating less than a year and though I was very much in love with the boy, I didn't want to go to over the top for our first V-day together.  I figured making him a cookie and decorating it was a fairly mild gesture and therefore would ensure that I wouldn't scare him off too soon.  Somehow, the heart shaped cookie has become a staple in our Valentine's Day gift giving.  Here's a look at the last four years.

2007 Our 1st V-Day:  We were both in our third year in college.  Josh came down to Long Beach from Whittier and we went to dinner at Claim Jumper.  I gave Josh the infamous heart cookie.  Josh forgot my present in Whittier and we ended up driving all the way back to Whittier after dinner to get it.  It was worth the drive back though, a heart shaped silver necklace from Tiffany's was in that well known little blue bag when we got there.  I still wear it all the time.

2008 Our 2nd V-Day:  For our second Valentine's Day, Josh got tickets for us to see "Wicked" the Broadway play at the Pantages Theater in downtown LA.  First we went to dinner in Pasadena at the Melting Pot which is a fondue restaurant that I highly recommend dining at at least once in your life.  Then we headed to the the play which was AMAZING! It was such a fun night, complete with heart cookie number two!

2009 Our 3rd V-Day:  By the time our third Valentine's Day rolled around, we had both graduated from college and were back living at our parent's houses in Bakersfield.  We ordered BJ's pizza and salad and ate it at my parent's home using my Mom's china and crystal.  We then went to the theater and saw "Confessions of a Shopaholic."  It's a rarity that I get to see "chick-flicks" at the movies and so this was a very romantic gesture by Josh. 

2010 Our 4th V-Day:  This year, we had dinner with my parents at their house.  Josh sent me a bunch of beautiful roses at work during the day.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE getting flowers at work, especially when they are sent on random occasions, but I'll take them any day of the week.  It was a low key Valentine's Day since we were in the midst of wedding planning last year and saving for a honeymoon among other things. :)

2011 Our 5th V-Day (1st Married One!):  This year provided some obstacles as far as Valentine's Day and my heart cookie making went.  I thought seriously about bringing my heart cookie tin in my suitcase to England, but I decided it wasn't an absolute necessity so I didn't bring it.  I wasn't planning on even attempting to make one here in Newcastle, but at the last minute, I decided it had to be done, one way or another.  I found a cookie shop that makes and decorates cookies for Valentine's Day.  I bought a big heart cookie, however I did NOT have them decorate it for me. I wanted to do it on my own.  I think the store clerk thought I was crazy.  He must have asked me at least three times if I was SURE I didn't want it decorated.  I assured him I was positive I didn't. 

Josh had a parasitology final today and a genetics midterm tomorrow, so his day would first be spent taking his final and then his night spent studying for his midterm.  I knew it would be a low key day.  Early on in the day, I went with Julie to pick up the cookie (she got one for her fiance Kevin too) and then I came home to decorate it.  Josh got home mid-day (he thinks the final went well)  and he brought me home some surprises too.  We also had some special Valentine's arrive in the mail from my Gramma Catie and Mom too! 
My Valentine's treats from Josh.

Apparently "SNOG" is the English word for "KISS" :)
This year's cookie. Not homemade, but home decorated.
So many goodies from our family!

Had to capture a picture of us on V-Day 2011.
We ordered pizza from Papa John's for dinner and relaxed with each other for a little while until it was time for Josh to head back to studying in his man cave.  Another surprise that came in the package from my Mom was a late birthday present for Josh.  Check it out!
A sign that she made for his "Man Cave." So awesome! He loves it!

Hanging in the "Man Cave" above his desk.
 We had such a great Valentine's Day together.  I look forward to so many more with my wonderful husband Josh.  I love you with all of my heart sweetie.


  1. Glad to see the valentines arrived right on schedule! Happy Valentine's Day! Love you, miss you, can't wait to kiss you!


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