Feb 2, 2011

Midterms, Birthdays, & Halloween

I know I'm skipping ahead here, but in an attempt to catch everyone up on the last six months of our lives without it taking six months to do, I am just hitting the big stuff.  The end of October brought with it Term 1 midterms, my 25th birthday, and Halloween.  Let's just say, it was a busy couple of weeks. 

Josh's first midterms in med school went great.  We were happy to get through them unscathed.  Normally, Josh is busy with school at most times of every day and night, however, during midterms week, I have never seen him work so hard.  During midterms, Josh is a much a hairier and scarier version of his normal clean cut, clean shaven self. Take a look.

 My Golden Birthday (25 on the 25th)  came at the end of the month.  Josh brought me home flowers after his classes.

And though Josh had plenty of studying that needed to be done, he spent the evening with me carving pumpkins.  It is one of my favorite family traditions and in past years, he has refused to do this "childish" thing with me, but on my birthday he suggested we carve them together. Of course, carving pumpkins in the UK was much more difficult without special carving knives and templates, but we made it work.


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