Feb 9, 2011

Quarter Century Young

Today marked Joshua's 25th birthday and though many like to say that he is now a quarter century old, I still feel that we are so young and so I like to say that he is now a quarter century young.  Josh pretty much spent his entire birthday day studying.  Poor guy, he has a parasitology final on Monday and a genetics midterm on Tuesday.  No fun! 

So I tried to keep from distracting him by doing what I do best, shopping. :) I took Julie to Grainger Market in city center.  It's a huge farmer's market style warehouse near the Monument Metro stop where they sell just about anything you can imagine for a price lower than you can imagine.

Inside Grainger Market
  For instance, we went to the veggie/fruit store where I got coriander (cilantro), red grapes, two pink grapefruits, a red bellpepper, two red onions, and four bananas for under 5 pounds.  That's less than $8.00 people!  My only complaint when shopping there is that I am limited to buying only what I can carry home.  Josh would probably say that's a good thing.  I also got some tea (we are big hot tea drinkers now), and a beautiful pink gerber daisy plant for my kitchen.  I had an orchid last term, but unfortunately it died while we were away for Christmas break.  If I can't have a dog, I need a live plant to nurture and take care of.  Isn't it fabulous?!

Then Julie and I walked around city center and went to Subway on Grey Street.  She had been craving it and it was delicious.  We even convinced the workers to take our picture inside the store.  I'm pretty sure that they thought that was extremely strange.
But wait, what was this post supposed to be about?  Oh yes, Josh's 25th birthday....I got sidetracked.  When I got home from our shopping extravaganza, it was time to frost the birthday cake.  I had gotten up early and baked it, so it was more than ready for some frosting and decorations.  I think it came out really well!
It was extra sparkly!
Then I made one of Josh's favorite dinners.  Beef and broccoli from the Biggest Loser cookbook.  If you don't already have it, I highly recommend it.  I have two!
After dinner, our friends Kris, Tarrah, Kevin, Julie, Ryan, Allison, and Austin came over to help us celebrate by eating icecream and opening a couple of presents. We all had a good time eating the cake and socializing.  Thanks everyone for helping us celebrate Josh's 25th birthday.  It was so much fun and everyone made it very special.

A new no-spill coffee mug from all the friends!

Austin & Josh with the card I found with his name on it.

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