Feb 2, 2011

White Coats Mean WORK

After a long week of orientation for Josh and a week of getting settled for me, it finally came time for Josh's white coat ceremony.  Each student was announced and presented a white coat to signify their entrance into the medical school program.  There were some guest speakers including the president of the school as well as previous students.  Many of them made it known that medical school is tough and that this white coat means that they will be working extremely hard for the next years of their life.  (Now that it's second term, believe me, they weren't lying!)  The ceremony was a little overwhelming for me because the reality of what Josh and I are undertaking was impossible to ignore.  However, Josh was grinning from ear to ear the whole time.  I must have been the most proud wife there and I might be a little biased, but I'm pretty sure I'm married to the most attractive, medical school student, white coat wearing, man in the program. :) If I'm this excited when he STARTS medical school, how will I be when actually FINISHES?!?

Soon-to-be Doctor & Mrs. Scurlock

Here are some more pictures from the day.

Joshua Scurlock, California, USA

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