Feb 28, 2011

sweet sweet day

First of all, is it seriously the last day of February?  Where has this month gone?!?  I can't believe that we will already be into the month of March tomorrow. Since the love month is coming to a close, it was only fitting that we end it with some heart shaped cookies.  Yesterday, Julie came over to help me bake some sugar cookies. I found a great recipe online for homemade sugar cookies, but it makes about 60 cookies and then they have to be decorated.  So it is so much more fun to have help.  Plus, Josh and I really can't/don't need to eat them all. We had a lot of fun and I think that they came out really cute. Julie took about half home, but I think I'm going to send Josh to school with some tomorrow. God knows the medical school students need them more than I do!
Just out of the oven

Decorating necessities

All Done!


  1. Oh and the picture at the bottom of your blog is my favorite. It is so funny. I showed Rob that picture he said "Oh, I like Stephanie's shoes" and I was like "I am in love with Josh's socks".

  2. Haha thanks Michelle! Both the shoes and the socks were dyed those colors. The place I bought the shoes dyed them for me, and then my mom actually dyed Josh's socks to match. They were both white to begin with! :)