Feb 2, 2011

Mom & Dad Fairman Come to Visit!!!

In early November, Mom and Dad Fairman headed over the pond to the UK to visit us.  This was their first trip to Europe and even though they were excited, I don't think anyone was more excited than me!!!!  They arrived on a Friday and of course Josh was in school, so I met them at Central Station in the afternoon.  Central Station is the train station.  They flew into London and then took the train into Newcastle.  I cried the moment I saw them.  Being in Europe for 3 months had taken it's toll on me, and I was so very happy to see them. 

The first few days of their time here, were spent enjoying all that Newcastle has to offer.  Josh was even able to participate some since it was the weekend.  First, we took them on a stroll through Jesmond Dene.  It's an absolutely beautiful park that Josh and I run in fairly regularly.
This is Jesmond Dene, a park behind our flat.
Dad, Me, and Josh entering the park.

Aren't the fall leaves gorgeous?
 We also went down to the Quayside to see the River Tyne and all the bridges that cross it.  It really is a beautiful sight.  We ate dinner at "The Slug and Lettuce."  It has a very strange name, but the food was actually good, well, as good as English food gets.

View from the Gateshead Millineum Bridge

Mom and Dad

Josh and I
 Lastly, Mom, Dad, and I went to Newcastle's Castle Keep to look around.  It is right down by the River Tyne and we had seen it the day before at the Quayside.  Dad spent lots of time reading most of the history on the castle, while Mom and I enjoyed taking in the views from the top of the castle.

Newcastle's Castle Keep

Overlooking the River Tyne

St. Nicholas' Cathedral


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