Feb 2, 2011

Finally Blogging!

I have been thinking about it for months, and I finally decided it's about time I started a blog.  I've known it's a great way to journal about our adventures living in foreign countries and our first year of marriage, but I wasn't motivated enough until recently.  So let's rewind a little bit and catch you up on what is going on in our life.  Josh and I moved to Newcastle upon Tyne in August for medical school and we have now been here for 6 months!  I still can't believe it. Josh is part of St. George's University's Global Scholars Program. Next year we will move to the island of Grenada in the West Indies for year 2 of school. 

After only four weeks of marriage, we moved to the UK with no place to live.  Yes, we got on a plane at LAX and headed to England with a hotel room booked for two nights and no real plans other than that.  Don't let the picture below fool you, we had seven bags, I don't know how I possibly agreed to only seven. :)

Leaving for the UK.  Gosh we were tan!

Sometimes I can't believe that my mom let me even leave the country with no place to live.  Fortunately, on the first day of searching, though tired and completely jet-lagged, we found the perfect place for us!  We live in the quaint suburb of Jesmond and we couldn't be happier.  It's quiet and cozy and we love it here.  In fact, we will be sad to leave come May.

Our flat in Jesmond

To catch you up, here are some pictures of our "flat."  Of course I've spruced up the place.  It was mostly a monotonous beige all the way through until I added a little splash of color.

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2

Sitting Room

Sitting Room

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