Sep 9, 2011

Out with a Bang

Kristin and Brandon's visit to Grenada couldn't last forever.  We knew they would have to leave eventually.  But we sure had a fun time while they were here. 

On Friday, I took the two of them to quite possibly my favorite beach in Grenada... Magazine Beach.  Maybe that's why it's called Magazine, because it looks like pictures straight out of one!   Even though every single beach in Grenada is stunning, in my mind Magazine stands out above the rest. It's extremely private.  The water is always so clear which is good, because the snorkeling on this beach can't be beat. There is an amazing view of St. George's and if you do get hungry, Aquarium Restaurant is right on the beach to satisfy a parched mouth or a growling tummy.
Oh Magazine Beach, how I love thee.
How will I ever go back to going to California beaches?  I'm soooooo spoiled now!

Kristin, Brandon, and I did quite a bit of snorkeling during our afternoon at Magazine.
This looks like a Star Trek movie poster...
But snorkeling is tiring! And so we headed over to Aquarium's patio for a late lunch and a cold drink.

After a tasty meal, we headed back home to get ready for the evening.  Josh FINALLY allowed himself a night off from studying and agreed to come with us to Prickly Bay for pizza and drinks.  What a fun evening it was!
Big Sis and Little Bro

Brandon, Kristin, Joshua, & I
On Saturday, one of our favorite little boys had his second birthday at Grand Anse Beach.  Kristin and Brandon were so understanding of our need to be there to celebrate Austin's birthday.  They had no problem just hanging out at Grand Anse while Josh and I played with cars, blew bubbles, colored, and were smeared with cake frosting from children's sticky fingers.

I forget how much kids grow in just one year when they are young.  I have spent a lot of time with Austin over the past year.  When I first met him last August in Newcastle, he was just under a year.  Not yet walking, or really talking.  Now he is such a big boy, running around and speaking complete sentences!  Some of my favorites are "Hi Boo," (which is code word for Stephanie) and "Oh boy Josh!"  He just melts my heart.

His mom Allison did such a great job on his "Cars" themed birthday party.
Yes! She made that!
Such a big two year old
Later that evening, Brandon took us all out for Saturday BBQ at Dodgy Dock. Thanks Branny!  The food was really good and of course the company couldn't be better.

Kristin and Brandon, we love you both very much and are so glad you were able to visit us. We enjoyed every moment of having you here.  Maybe come back for a visit in the Spring? :)

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  1. hey stephanie!
    i looooove that cake. when i saw it, i though i'd die. lol. {i'm obcessed with cars :)}
    this is a beautiful beach!