Sep 14, 2011

The Glad Game

I was asked a little over a month ago to write a guest post for a blog called The Graduate Wife.  This blog was created by a couple of wives of graduate students who wanted to build a community for women in the same situation as them, following their men around the world, helping to chase their dream.  I was honored to be asked to write for them, and a little intimidated too. 

I am not a writer.  I was a science major in college.  My blog is NOT so that I can get noticed and become a full time blogger.  In fact, it's written mostly so that my family and friends at home can keep up with what Josh and I are doing on a day to day basis and secondly so that I can have a written record of our years in medical school.  So I did the only thing I know how to do, I wrote from my heart.  It may not be award winning journalism or an essay that would earn me an A+ in an English class, but it is totally me, from beginning to end.

As the wife of a medical student, I struggle all the time with feelings of loneliness, homesickness, and sometimes even resentment.  But in the past year or so, I have found that finding something, anything, to be "Glad" about in any given situation can really help keep me in a better state of mind.  I have made lots of new friends here in Grenada that are struggling with these same kinds of issues and I urge them to check out my GUEST POST on The Graduate Wife.  My hope is that it might help another medical school wife or graduate wife with their struggles too.

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