Sep 18, 2011


Josh finished his midterms this week for both Pathology and Microbiology.  Fourth term is every bit as challenging as we heard it would be, so it was nice for Josh to have a bit of a break from studying.  Of course, our individual ideas of weekends spent "together" are very different.  It goes something like this...

Steph's idea of a weekend off of studying is going on adventures.  Maybe a hash, or a hike to a waterfall.  A day spent snorkeling on Magazine Beach or sunning on Grand Anse.  Trying out a new restaurant and watching a sunset on the sand.

While Josh's idea of a weekend off is slightly more relaxing.  It includes lounging on the couch watching football, LOTS of football.  Maybe watching a movie in bed. Eating pancakes and cookies, both of which I would be in charge of making.  And staying in our PJ's ALL DAY LONG.

Do you see a bit of a difference here?

So this weekend we compromised.

On Saturday morning, while Josh slept in late, I headed to Grand Anse for beach day with Bel Air Children's Home.  This home actually has really young babies. And I love to go and spend the morning cuddling and playing with them.

Isn't he just the cutest?!?
When I got home, Josh and I lounged.  We both took long naps, watched a movie in bed, and part of a football game.  And by about 4pm, I was able to convince him to head to Grand Anse Beach to watch the sunset.  We skipped rocks in the ocean, I added to my ever growing sea glass collection,  and we waited for the sky to turn a bright shade of orange as the sun set.

The sand was sparkling.

It was stunning.  As it almost always is here.

Look at the orange!
The colors in the sky were just beautiful, like God took a paint brush and painted it Himself.  I guess maybe He did.

Saturday was a perfect day, a perfect compromise.

This morning, we headed to church on campus with CSA (Christian Student Association), came home and had lunch, and then spent a couple hours on the beach throwing the frisbee.  Tonight we are heading to dinner with a few of our Newcastle friends.  Tomorrow Josh is back to school and will be hitting the books hard in preparation for his next set of tests in 6 weeks.  If I haven't already mentioned, 4th term is no joke. 

I wish weekends like this could happen more often, but I guess it makes me treasure them even more because they don't, even if I do have to compromise every once in awhile.


  1. Your sunset pictures are beautiful! Glad you guys got to spend some much needed time together this weekend!

  2. So funny, compromise is right!!!! Its like we are little kids waiting for them to wake up to do stuff with them!! and they are like leave me alone I don't want to think I just want to watch football :) Gotta love Medical School!!!

  3. Nice pictures! New camera?

    Love, Mom