Sep 7, 2011

First Visitors on the Rock

As I mentioned in my previous post, we had some visitors last week! Josh's oldest sister Kristin and her boyfriend Brandon traveled from California to spend a week with us in Grenada.  I had such a great time with them.  Josh was pretty busy studying all week, but that didn't keep the three of us from having lots of fun.  They arrived late Tuesday night.  So Wednesday morning, after they slept in a little, we headed to Grand Anse Beach.  We spent the afternoon soaking up the sun and then headed to Umbrellas for a late afternoon lunch of burgers and fries.
Brandon and Kristin


View from Umbrellas top deck
Later that evening, we went over to the school to watch Josh play in an intramural basketball game. His team won! Yay!  Although Kristin definitely takes after her Mom when watching Josh play sports.  Brandon and I had to keep telling her to be quiet! :)
Toon Squad
Thursdays are pool days at the University Club for all the SO's.  So I took our visitors to the pool for the day.  Brandon and Kristin kayaked around the bay and we all enjoyed the pool.
 I think Brandon was really in need of a vacation...
Relaxation at its finest!
We picked Josh up from school around 5pm, but he still needed to get some good study time in.  His first set of midterms are quickly approaching.  So the three of us took a walk up Lance Aux Epines Road to the lookout point to watch the sunset.

There are SO many beautiful flowers here in Grenada.  I tried to make a point of taking pictures of the ones along our walk.

And of course Kristin and I needed to pose by some of them.

Grenada really is such a beautiful place.
Once we finally made it to the lookout point, the sunset didn't disappoint.
It was usual.  I just wish Josh could have enjoyed it with us.
The first two days were so much fun! But keep checking back for more fun adventures with our visitors!

P.S.  Who's coming to visit next?!? 


  1. the pictures of the flowers are beautiful! LAE is so pretty!

  2. me!!! I hope!!

  3. How exciting!!! Our visit made the blog!!! Thanks Steph, Josh, and of course Ms. Grenada for all your lovely tour guiding! Can't wait to see the rest of the posts! Oh and PS I'm not nearly as bad as my mom when watching Josh's sports, come on Steph! =)