Sep 25, 2011

My First Hash

No. A hash does NOT mean I went out to smoke pot as so many might assume. 

All over the world, there are events that take place every couple weeks where "hashers," or non-competitive runners/walkers/drinkers, participate in a Hash, which is a paper marked trail that you can either run or walk.   The person who sets the trail each week is referred to as the "Hare," and that person might be different each week.  Sometimes there are false trails and they can range from taking 30 minutes to 2 hours to complete.  Competition is frowned upon.  It really is just meant for people to have a good time and do some exploring that eventually leads you back to a bar or rum shop so you can party and socialize.  If I've completely confused you with this description, you can read more about it HERE, because honestly, I didn't really get it until I actually participated in it. 

Every week the Hash is at a different location around the island.  Hash #703, which was yesterday, was located just outside of St. George's and was extremely easy to drive to.  I appreciated that as it was my very first hash and Josh was of course not present.  Luckily, I went with some friends who have done some previous hashes. 

Emily and I before the hash.
The hash started at 4:00pm and of course the rain started to pour at about 4:01pm.  So it was a bit of a wet, muddy, uphill battle.  But it was fun.  And of course when you are hiking up for a long period of time, you know there is going to be a worthwhile view once you reach the top.
Too bad it was raining!
This hash was actually surprisingly short.  We were back to the starting point within about 40 minutes, which apparently is rare.  But I think it was a perfect introduction to hashing for me as a virgin hasher.
Jessie and I AFTER the hash.

Back to the starting point!

Hash House Harriers: A world-wide organization
They were handing out free dinner to every hasher after the hash.  But for some reason it just didn't look that appetizing to me.

Overall, it was a really fun experience and I look forward to doing some more hashes during my time here in Grenada.  I hope that at some point, Josh will be able to participate with me! On On!


  1. First of all I want to do these weekly when I get there. Second I wouldnt of ate that food either, poor piggie. And lastly I miss your face!