Sep 30, 2011

Jump Around

This week has been JAM PACKED with things to do!  Which explains why my blog has fallen to the wayside.  Don't worry though, I plan to do lots of catching up over the weekend.

Yesterday, the SO's went to La Sagesse Beach.  This was my second trip there and after going again, I wondered why I haven't gone again sooner.  I love this beach!  La Sagesse is beautiful.  The day was perfect, the breeze felt great, and minus my husband, all of my other favorite people on the island were there.

 Kelsey and I walked the sand and found lots of cool beach finds. Including this teeny tiny conch shell. I love it!
And I really love that Kelsey girl too!  What can I say, she's growing on me. :)  Too bad she leaves in December.
Then things started to get a little silly.  Kelsey and I have this "high burst" shutter speed on our camera.  So we started to "jump around" a bit.

Yup, this girl has still got it.
It was pretty hilarious.  But maybe you had to be there. 

I finished off the day with a little palm tree swingin'.

The SO's had such a great time.  I think there were 27 SO's and 10 kids that came.  What a turnout!  I am going to promise myself I won't wait 3 months before I go back to La Sagesse again.
About 1/2 of the group.

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  1. I love it!!! What camera setting is this exactly?? The colors of the jumping pics are awesome!!