Sep 26, 2011

A Case of the Monday's

Monday's are always super busy for me.  The day starts off early, packing a lunch for Josh and taking him to school.  Followed by SO board meetings, pool time at the University Club, and then off to Queen Elizabeth Home to spend some time with the kids.  And then of course there is dinner to be cooked, and the laundry that I accidentally left in the washer overnight that now needs to be rewashed because it smells mildewy before it can be hung to dry (this happens to me weekly, you'd think I'd be get better at it).  Before I even blink an eye, Monday is over and we're on to Tuesday which can be just as chaotic.   

Sometimes I wish Monday didn't have to come so quickly, because the week is going to be busy, and I could use another day to sleep in and relax.  But then I think about things like this.
 A drawing of Miss Stephanie and Miss Kelsey by my little friend Malcom at Queen Elizabeth Home. 

And I realize how important some of the things I am doing here in Grenada are.  Grandma Scurlock told me last week that she has wondered for quite some time now why Josh and I were sent here, to Grenada, of all places for his medical school journey.  But she sees now, through my posts, that maybe God was sending us here so that I could serve a purpose here with these beautiful children.  That maybe there was a greater reason for us being here than just an MD degree.  I'm beginning to believe her.


  1. What is that in your mouth? Does this mean that your mouth is open so much and so wide that the kids can see the punching bag thingy at the back of your throat? Are you being a drill sergeant or something?

    Maybe you were sucking on a Life Saver!

    The picture is pretty cute. And, I have no doubt that you and Josh are in Grenada by God's perfect design!

    Love you much,

  2. so sweet! I know God sent you here... even if just for my benefit :) and you are so great with the kids, thank you thank you!

  3. That pictures is the best. I hope you frame it. I know you are making an impact on each of those children's lives. We are so blessed to have you here in Grenada with us!!!