Jul 23, 2011

We are the champions

Okay, maybe not "we," but Josh and the four members of his basketball tournament team were!  Last night, Josh played in a basketball tournament at SGU.  It was 3 on 3 and 13 teams played in this double-elimination type tournament. 

Tarrah, Allison, and Austin joined me in the cheering section, which was a good thing considering that we were there for over 4 hours and I would have been so bored all alone.  But our cheering paid off, because Josh and his GSP team won the whole thing pretty convincingly!
Winners! Team Name: Keith B. Taylor
It was fun to watch and cheer for Josh's team.  It takes me back to the Whittier football days!  Where's my Momma-In-Law Denise and our cow bells when I need them?!?!