Jul 8, 2011

Home Sweet Home

As promised, now that we I have unpacked and I have had time to put my own little touches on our apartment in Grenada, I am doing an "after" post.  Like our place in Newcastle, this apartment started out very very plain.  It had little color, but I liked it for it's cleanliness, newness, and the fact that I could see myself making it my own.  After all the packing and unpacking that I've done in the last couple of months, I am SO completely happy to be done with suitcases and boxes for awhile. 

Our place is fairly small, kind of like one big square with every room coming off the main room.  But we like it. It works for the two of us just fine. 
Our Kitchen.  Notice the normal size fridge!
Laundry Area

Living Area.  Trying to save on electric by using a drying rack.

Still working on something for that corner wall.
Next we have our bedroom.

The curtains were here already.  They don't match at all.

Big Closets. Yipee!
My desk, kinda messy at the moment.
Bedroom 2, also known as Josh's Man Cave, available to anyone and everyone that would like to visit!

Can't forget the "Man Cave" sign.
Bathroom.  And me, Hi!
No tub, but big shower.  We like!
A couple random decorations.
Views from our balcony.
So yup, this is the place where we will be living for the next year!  We welcome all who would like to come have a Grenadian holiday.  That means you, Moms, Dads, brothers, sisters, Liz, Alexa, Micah, Katie, Natalie, Tristen, Travis, Nicole, Andrea, Josh and anyone else who said they might come! AND anyone else who didn't say they would come but would like to!!!


  1. I love it and I lovee the big fridge!! Keep your eyes out for vacancies in your building so we can be really close to eachother in January!

  2. Very cute! I love the green. And of course, your wedding pictures look so great and really make it yours.

  3. Thanks for stopping by our blog! I can't believe you guys were in Durham and about a five minute walk from our house! We live really, really close to the train station right on the River Wear! Amazing!!! I'll for sure follow your adventures in Granada. :) Go Mustangs!

  4. Very, very precious of course! I hate those kind of showers!! I get water everywhere! Can't wait to see it IN PERSON in Sept. ;)