Jul 20, 2011


TIG.  Also known to all SGU students as "This Is Grenada." 

You can never have to much sunscreen or bugspray on. -TIG

Bathing suits are your outfit on a daily basis. -TIG

I almost got hit walking on the side of the road by a bus. -TIG

They were out of milk at IGA. -TIG

Someone was reversing in the middle of the roundabout today. -TIG

There was a herd of goats walking around campus. -TIG

I saw 10 stray dogs today. -TIG

I sweat ALL the time. -TIG

Today I got stopped on Lance Aux Epines Road for five minutes because a "learner" was parked sideways in the road. -TIG

Men walk around with machetes in their hands. -TIG

I get caught in torrential downpours regularly. -TIG

You can't get pulled over for drinking and driving, but you can get pulled over for driving without a shirt on.  -TIG

Today at the beach, a Grenadian man caught an iguana.  We asked him what he was going to name it.  He said "lunch." -TIG

There were bones in my boneless, skinless chicken breasts. -TIG

My electricty bill was through the roof. -TIG

You are rarely ever more than a five minute walk to the beach. -TIG


  1. haha love this. How much was your electricity bill?.... so people werent joking about how expensive it is?

  2. Men pee on the street during the day. Facing the street. TIG