Jul 25, 2011

BBC Beach

Yesterday, while Josh was busy studying away, I went with Allison, Austin, and Ryan to BBC beach for the first time.  I guess it's also called Morne Rouge Beach as well.  I'm not sure exactly why so many beaches here have multiple names.  It makes it ridiculously confusing!  None of us had been to BBC beach before, but we loved it.  I don't think I can say which beach in Grenada is my favorite so far.  I like all of the ones I have been to for different reasons.  BBC is great because it's in a cove, so the waves are extremely kid friendly.  The water is warm, clear, and shallow and you won't find it super touristy like Grand Anse.
Austin was having a blast! That kid is SUCH a water baby.  And, starting this week, he now repeats what I always say to him when I see him "Hey Boo!"
Austin and his Momma
Me and My Boo
Allison, Ryan, and I took turns snorkeling around looking for shells.  Allison found this gorgeous conch shell!  It's soooo pink and pretty!
We stayed till the sun dipped below the ocean.  I think that no matter how many times I see a Grenadian sunset, I will never ever stop being amazed by it. 
Goodnight Grenada
A perfect afternoon spent with friends.

Are you guys getting sick of pictures of the beach yet??  What can I say, it's what I do.


  1. OMG beautiful pictures!!!!!! Are those from your camera??

  2. yup...just from my point and shoot..no picniking either!!

  3. beautiful pictures!! the reason why this (and lots of other things) has 2 names is because Grenada was French first and then British and they renamed everything, so Mourne Rouge is French & BBC is British.
    and that's why some people talk funny is because they directly translated French to English and it didn't come out with proper sentences. haha.

  4. gorgeous and sooo jealous! love it!
    Andrea Bonds