Jul 17, 2011

Magazine Beach

It's been a beach filled weekend here for the Scurlocks!  Yesterday, we went with a group of our friends to Magazine Beach.  This beach is not far from our little apartment in Lance aux Epines.  It's just past the airport and in my opinion, has some of the best snorkeling on the island.  I had been there once already, but Josh had yet to go and so I wanted to make sure that he got to experience it as well. 

Magazine Beach
We got there around 1p.m. and immediately jumped in the water for a snorkeling sesh.  I wish we had an underwater camera here, but basically, there are tons of fish at Magazine Beach.  The fish range in size and color and then there are sea urchins, eels, crabs, and my friend Sara said she even saw a small octopus last time!  There are also lots of fun shells and sea glass. 

When we got out of the water to take a break for our picnic lunch, we watched as some locals who were hanging out went racing after something down the beach.  When the guy came back, he had this in his hand!
The Grenadian guys showed us how to hold it.  And I KINDA freaked.

I asked the Grenadian man what he was going to name his new found pet.  He replied "lunch."  Yuck!!!  Poor little iguana.  I think we made the guy feel bad though, because later in the day the iguana was still around and I was told his new name was "Lucky."  As in, lucky he wasn't lunch.  But who knows, maybe he was still going to be dinner.

The boys then got invited to join in on a game of cricket.  I'm still not sure that I understand the rules, but they looked like they were having fun.

After the game, they were given a bowl of "soup."  I think the guys felt a little obligated to try it.  Josh was glad he didn't know what was in it until after he finished, otherwise he might not have been able to eat it.  The soup included lambie (meat from a conch shell), tripe (intestines from farm animals), goat, and octopus.  Doesn't that sound good!?! Haha. Considering that Lucky was going to be Lunch, I'm not surprised.
I was REALLY glad that I wasn't around to get a bowl.  Instead, I took a walk down the beach to look for shells and take some pictures.

Don't you want to visit?!?
We all had a really good time.
Including Marley.
I just love it here.

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