Jul 26, 2011

Allison's Birthday!

Last night we celebrated Allison's birthday at a local restaurant in Lance aux Epines called Charcoals.  Both Josh and I had heard that it was a pretty good place to get a bite to eat for a relatively inexpensive price.  It did not disappoint.  Both Josh and I had burgers and fries which were good.  But both Allison and Tarrah had the swordfish which I tried and really liked!  Maybe I AM a fish eater.  Who knew?!?! 

We gathered with a bunch of our friends and had a fun night of good food and even better company. 
The birthday girl, Austin, and I!

Me and Rachy

My Big Boo and my Little Boo.
I made some funfetti cupcakes and Allison blew out all 29 of her candles!!

We sure do love all these guys.
Happy Birthday Allison!

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  1. Aw man. We are sorry we missed this. Happy birthday Allison! We are so blessed to know you!