Jul 9, 2011

Random Happenings This Week

This past week has been full of lots of fun things, some of which don't necessarily warrant their own individual blog post.  So I'm lumping them all together in one big post.

On Wednesday night, Josh and I went to Dodgy Dock for the second time because they have 5e.c. for 5 chicken wings and 3 for 10e.c. Carib's.  For all who aren't aware, an "e.c" stands for "Eastern Caribbean Dollar" and 1 US dollar = 2.67 e.c.'s.  So basically, you can get 5 chicken wings for $2.00 US and 3 beers for $4.00 US which means Josh was all for it.  And any night I don't have to cook dinner means I'm all for it.  Josh got his fill of wings and beers and even with the great deals on wings and beer on Wednesday nights, I ordered a chicken cesar salad and a Diet Coke.  Josh said he may have to leave me at home next time.  I guess I'm just not a wings and beer kinda girl.


We have had a little visitor in our house the last two nights.  Our friends Rachel and Brain have family in town and went off to Carriacou for a few days and needed someone to dogsit their child Marley.  Being the dog lover that I am, I of course agreed to take the little guy for a couple days.  I was sad to see him go today and plan on trying to convince Josh that we might need a "Marley" too.

I obviously didn't know that SOMEONE was rudely taking a picture of Marley and I napping!

The University Club is a place where apparently, many of the SGU professors stay when they are guest teaching in Grenada.  It has a pool, a private beach, hammocks, kayaks, and a cafe.  The SO's are lucky enough to be able to use it on Mondays and Thursdays for free.  I have now been there a few times.  Based on the pictures, I don't think I need to elaborate on why I like to spend time there.


Josh and I went to Prickley Bay last Friday to see the steel drum band that plays live music every Friday night. Lots of students were there and the pizza was good.


I just finished reading The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  If you haven't read it yet, go get it. Fast.

One of my BFF's Alexa just got engaged to Micah a couple of weeks ago.  Right before we left to come to Grenada.  Josh and I are SO completely happy for the two of them who plan to get married in June 2012.  And guess what!?!? This week she sent me this!
To which I of course said YES!

And lastly, today I went to Grand Anse Beach again with Ryan, Allison, and Austin.  I took Marley with me and spent most of my time trying to keep that spaz of a dog under control.  :)  But it was a beautiful afternoon and I couldn't help but snap yet ANOTHER picture of this fabulous beach.

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  1. Hey Stephanie! I forgot to ask if I could link to your blog from ours. It makes checking out your adventures in the West Indies so much faster and easier. Sigh... I wish our second year of the program was somewhere warm. As you can probably guess, it's raining here. :)