Jul 16, 2011

La Sagesse

Friday morning Josh had his first midterm of term 3.  It went well.  Yay!  And to celebrate the test being over, we went with a bunch of our friends to La Sagesse beach (pronounced La Sa Jess).  It's basically a private cove lined with palm trees about a 25 minute drive from where we live.  Besides the drive (which makes Josh a little car sick), it is a GREAT beach.  The water was super warm, shallow for a quite a while, and with enough waves to keep it interesting.  It was an amazing day with some awesome friends.
La Sagesse
The kids were having a blast all day!  There sure are some water babies here. :)
Austin and Luke
And I finally got a picture of a lizard.  They are all over the place, but man those things run fast.  I've tried to take a picture multiple times!
The big boys played some football.

While the girls and the kids enjoyed the water and each other.
Allison with Austin, Me, Michelle with Harper, Sara, and Rachel
Allison and Austin playing in the waves.
Rachel and I
We will definitely be making more trips over to La Sagesse.  We are so thankful to our friends who went with us and showed us how to get there!


  1. Looks like PARADISE! So glad to see Josh is getting to do more than just study. Island life must suit you both.
    Love you,

  2. La Sagesse was my favorite beach in Grenada. Once my Andy starts residency and makes a paycheck, its definitely on my vacation list. I'm glad you're enjoying the island!