Jul 14, 2011


In Grenada, the term "liming" is a slang phrase meaning to hang around with friends, usually in a public place, and enjoy the scene or surroundings.  And let me tell you, in Grenada, people are ALWAYS liming around.  I think the term really refers to a way of life that IS Grenada.  Grenadians are just much more laid back than most people.  They do things on their own time and in their own way.  Sometimes it can be frustrating.  But then I find myself thinking, "What's the big rush?"  I don't have anything extremely pressing to do.  As Americans, we are just used to a fast pace of life, but here, there's no rush, no event that is so important that we can't take some time and just lime.

Anyway, my friend Kelsey voluntarily runs an after school program for local children called "Limes."  Every Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday during the school year, the 20-40 kids ranging from age two to teens (and most of them barefoot), flock to the grass field to see what Miss Kelsey has planned for the afternoon.  One day it might be baseball with plastic bats and plastic balls.  For the little ones there are crayons and blank paper and story books.  There might be a worn out soccer ball, a dollar store frisbee, or a new favorite, BUBBLES!  These kids don't really care what there is to play with, they are just thrilled to have the attention of Miss Kelsey and some new things to play with.

Even though school is not currently in session, Kelsey and her husband Lee decided to make a couple visits out to the Limes field to see the kids this week.  I joined them on Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon.  It was SO fun to play with these kids.  They are all very sweet and have such big personalities, even the very little ones!  I can see how very easily you can fall in love with these kids.  I look forward to helping out with Limes on a regular basis this next year and getting to know these children a lot better.

Blowing Bubbles

They Love Miss Kelsey

Snack Time

They REALLY like to do hair.

Don't they just melt your heart??

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  1. This is PRECIOUS! What an awesome opportunity you have there!