Mar 23, 2016

St. Patrick's Day

This year,  March 17th passed without too much excitement, unlike last year when we announced that we were expecting Rory.  Even though we kept St. Patrick's Day pretty low key, I still had to do a few festive things for the girls.  I mean hello, I am still me guys.

We started the morning off with green pancakes complete with whipped cream and Lucky Charms.  Ryan had never had Lucky Charms cereal and though she was pretty excited about the green pancakes, she was absolutely THRILLED about the marshmallow cereal.  She kept telling me it was "so licious."  Her version of "delicious."

It was a nice Spring day weather wise and so we used the opportunity to go outside clad in all green and blow bubbles.  Ryan is now a bubble fanatic after learning how to blow them herself.  She blows them and then pops them and then blows them and then pops them.  It's pretty fun to watch.  And as a side note, I love that Rory gets to wear all of Ryan's "first" holiday outfits.  It's so fun to see them worn again and on top of that, Ryan is wearing the same shirt she wore last year.  Girl hasn't grown that much since then!

We ended the day with green spinach smoothies and green milk before bed.  Ryan has since asked why we can't have green milk every day, or red or blue milk for that matter.  I tried to explain to her that the Leprechauns did it and they only come once a year but I'm pretty sure all she took from that was that little men come in to the house and play tricks so it's possible I may need to rethink my explanations in the future.  Especially since she likes to tell people the most random things like that Daddy bites her (pretends to).  Next thing I know she'll be telling people that little men come into her house at night.  Oh brother!

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