Mar 13, 2016

Spring Days

We've felt pretty darn lucky around Massachusetts lately.  Spring weather seems to have arrived earlier than normal and we have been enjoying spending time outside again.  Never in my life has 50 degrees felt so nice but when you live through MA winters, 50 and sunny seems heavenly and is definitely a reason to be outside.  Ryan just loves being able to play in the yard again and it definitely is good for my soul too.  We've been going on walks, playing on the swing set, blowing bubbles, and listening to tunes.  On top of that, Josh has had some rare Saturdays off of work and so he's been able to play outside with us, which is always exciting and fun.

I'm so excited to have lunches outside, dress the girls in rompers and sandals and just enjoy the sunshine!  What are you excited for?!?!

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