Mar 3, 2016

Rory: 6 Months

Our Rory girl is half a year old.  What. The. Heck.  This has seriously been the fastest six months ever.  Her first year is just flying by at an immensely fast rate and while it is bittersweet, I have to say that I really love this stage of babyhood.  She is constantly learning new things and exploring and experiencing the world around her.  She is so interactive these days both with Josh and I and especially with Ryan.  Their bond is so strong already.

At her 6 month check up, Rory's stats were as follows:

Weight: 16 lbs 6 oz (60 %ile)
Height: 26 inches (65 %ile)

We've officially entered the stage where it begins to get difficult to take monthly photos.  Most of her 6 month pictures could have been labeled under "just let me play with my feet," with the occasional "ooohhh let me play with this sticker on my belly!"

At the beginning of Roars sixth month, we transitioned her into her crib in her own room downstairs. Initially this made me nervous.   We of course have her on a monitor, but it is strange to go from having her within arms reach of my bed to all the way downstairs by herself.  However, the switch was needed and we are all sleeping significantly better because of it.  The whole month, she regularly only got up once per night to nurse which was great.  I still have her napping upstairs in the pack-n-play for now because it's much quieter during the day than being downstairs with all the noise of toddler sister Ry.  She regularly takes two naps a day totaling about 3-4 hours.

We finally started some solids a few days before she turned 6 months.  I started with baby oatmeal and she has also had some squash and sweet potato.  She's done surprisingly well with it.  I had kind of been dreading it because I remember it being a ton of work with Ryan, we're talking she'd spit it all out and make a huge mess.  But Rory actually really eats the food well which tells me she was more than ready for it.  She's still nursing about 5 or so times a day and continues to have a big bedtime bottle.

This girl has started moving.  She hasn't fully figured out a crawl, but she scoots herself backward with a lot of efficiency and because of that, she sometimes gets herself into trouble!  She's regularly found under the couch or coffee table or stuck under her jumper.  She's also getting up on all 4's and will have the forward thing figured out real soon I'm sure.  Her mobility also means I have to be really careful about what small toys Ryan is allowed to play with because Rory can now get herself to whatever it is she wants!

Her eyes are starting to turn hazel and I'm sure they'll end up brown like Ryan's and Daddy's.  She loves bath time, her pink lovey bunny, biting her bottom lip and being in her bouncer chair.  She had her first big trip to California and got to meet all of her extended family.  While there, she also had her first real illness, Roseola we think.  That part wasn't fun, but we survived.

She is totally Mama's girl and sister's best buddy.  She is such a content and sweet baby and we just love loving on our Rory Lou.

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