Mar 22, 2015

The OTHER Big News

Yup!  We announced on St. Patrick's Day last week that we are expecting Baby GIRL Scurlock #2 in August 2015!  Baby girl is due August 26th, so we will be having our second summer baby.  AND my sister-in-law Kristin is due with her first, a boy, just two days before me.  So exciting!

We found out just days before Christmas that we were expecting baby #2 and let's just say we were a little shocked, but we are excited to have two little girls only a couple of years a part.  Since I have two sisters myself, I'm thrilled beyond words that Ryan is going to have a little sister.  We waited until we were home in Bakersfield, CA to find out what we were having and it was so fun to celebrate the news with our families.  Ryan has absolutely no idea what is coming this summer, but she loved the balloons none the less.

I'm just about 18 weeks now and feeling pretty good, though I'm growing much faster the second time around!  I had pretty bad morning all day sickness for the first 12 weeks so that was part of my reason for not blogging much in the early months of 2015.  I definitely welcomed the 2nd trimester with open arms!
We are so excited that our family of three is growing to a family of four.  I'm sure things are gonna get a little nutty, but what else is new?!?!  God has certainly heaped many blessings on this family lately.

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