Mar 20, 2016

Easter Brunch & Egg Hunt

Yesterday, we Scurlocks hosted a potluck Easter brunch and egg hunt for some of our best friends and their kids.  Josh has to work next weekend and I really wanted to do something that allowed him to celebrate some Easter festivities with the girls.  Plus, I really needed a reason to thoroughly clean my house and having company come over always promotes that. :)

I spent a majority of the week running errands to get the necessities for the party with my two tag-a-longs in tow.  One day we even ran to Target in our pajamas because getting kids changed and out the door at 9am... ain't nobody got time for that!  Although my Mom definitely told me on the phone later in the week that "She NEVER took us out in our pajamas when we were kids and she had four of us."  Well, I don't remember her drinking a glass of wine at 5pm most nights either but hey, Moms gotta do what Moms gotta do.

In order to keep the hosting costs at a minimum, I made the party a potluck.  We provided a "waffle bar" which was a hit as well as mimosas and a few fun and festive treats.  However, at 10pm the night before as I was decorating the 24th cupcake and the 20th cookie and hand dipping bunny peeps in chocolate and sprinkles I did wonder why on God's good Earth I do this to myself (cue the reason to serve mimosas).   It's all for the kids right?  Hmmm it's possible it's entirely for me.  Or Josh. Okay that's definitely not true.

The egg hunt however, was totally for the kids.  It was a chilly 30 or so degrees but they didn't care.  They were so excited to go hunting for the eggs.  This was the first year we had tried an Easter egg hunt with Ryan and I'm just so thrilled that she had fun.  Although the plastic eggs have barely left her sight since she found them and she keeps asking when we are going to go looking for eggs again.  I'm pretty sure we will be hunting for non-treat filled plastic eggs around the house every day until the novelty wears off.

Ryan won't let Rory play with her eggs but she is willing to show them to "Ro-roars" as she likes to refer to her.   If Rory does manage to get ahold of one, Ryan is quick to grab it away.  Sister love at it's finest.

It was a truly fun day and while I wish stuff like this where the whole family is together could happen more often, it makes the days that it does seem extra special.  We are so blessed to have all of our friends here in Massachusetts and so happy that we get to celebrate these kinds of things with each other.

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