Mar 5, 2016

Family Trip to CA

A few weeks ago, the four of us traveled to California for a week long vacation.  This was the first time since we moved to Massachusetts, almost 2 years ago, that Josh was able to visit family for an extended amount of time and also the first time that most of our families got to meet Rory.  I was SO excited to go to the West coast for awhile, but I knew that traveling with both kids would likely prove to be a bit of a challenge.
If I had had it my way, we would have flown during the morning/mid-day hours.  But, as it turned out, we had to fly in the evening.  It wasn't a red-eye flight but it might as well have been because the girls bedtimes are so early that it was basically time for them to sleep soon after we departed.  Dealing with two young and tired children on a six hour flight, even with two adults, is nothing short of a challenge.  We took turns passing Rory back and forth as she had to be held the entire time.  Ryan did eventually fall asleep, but would wake often and be disoriented and upset which would then usually wake Rory too.  We all survived the flight but we were certainly ready to get off the plane!  Basically, it seemed like one child was constantly awake and therefore Josh and I couldn't sleep at all on the flight.  We landed at about 9:30pm in CA which felt like 12:30am to us and at that point Rory was wide awake.   Our long flight was followed by a two hour drive to Bakersfield and then a certain 5 month old was up for the day at 3:30am! Poor Mommy!!!  It was at this point that I wondered why on earth we decided to travel with kids.
But, we had a great week with all of our family and friends.  Ryan had an endless number of people to entertain her to the point where I was a little worried that it might be a challenge transitioning back to being at home with just Roars and Mom.  She got to play with all of her cousins multiple times and  our friends Kevin and Julie (from medical school) and their daughter Ryleigh even made the trip from Fresno to see us on Valentine's Day.  Ry and Ry are only about 5 weeks a part and were both born while we lived in Redlands together.  It's hard to believe how far we've come since we met them during the guys first year of medical school in England.  They got married, we had three kids between us, and Josh and Kevin are now physicians.  My how far we've come!  They'll always be Mooshoo and Rafiki to me (haha Jules!) and maybe someday we'll all live together again in a place like Grenada.  We can dream Julie, we can dream.
Rory and Great Gramma Catie
Our girls and their boy cousins, Jacob, Cole, Caleb, and Austin!
2nd cousin Benham!
Rory and Isla (My friend Drea's newest babe)
Austin and Roars
Ryan and Ryleigh
The biggest surprise of the week was NOT Josh's surprise 30th birthday party that I threw for him, but the fact that Rory spiked a 103 degree fever the day before and really threw me for a loop.  Had I not already ordered food and a cake for 30 people, I would have canceled the party.  In the end, she was okay before we had to fly home (Praise the Lord) but she likely had Roseola and it was not a good time.  Josh's party did happen and he truly was very surprised.  I hardly have any pictures from the evening but it was so nice to see so many of our friends and family at one time.
Dr. Scurlock and Dr. Scurlock
Josh and his older sisters.  (Joshua Scurlock M.D., Brooke Holmes R.N., Kristin Chisum PA-C)...over achievers. :)
I can't thank my parents enough for allowing all of us to stay at their home for the week.  I know it's not easy to play host to the four of us AND my two sisters who also came into town for the entire week as well. We feel so blessed to have all of them and all of Josh's family too.  Everyone really made it a priority to spend time with us and we appreciate it so much.  A week really isn't much time at all but we are thankful for it regardless.  My Mom insisted that we take a large family photo the evening before we left.  At first I was a little frustrated because I felt like I had so much to do in order to get ready to leave.  But of course, I'm happy she had us do it.  It's so rare that we are all together these days and I know I'll always be glad that we captured this moment in time.
The one family photo quickly turned into a reason to take multiple group shots.  But you know me and pictures, I'm definitely not complaining.

Josh's Mom and brother Andrew.
Of course I asked that we take a couple of our own family pictures, since it's actually almost as rare that the four of us are captured together too.
And apparently we should have stopped after one family photo because this photo shows that meltdown mode had officially been reached. Kids...I tell ya.  This is real life y'all.
The flight back to MA went much smoother than the flight out West.  So I suppose it's possible we'll attempt flying again in the future before the girls are like 15 years old. :)

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