Nov 30, 2011

Champions X2

It's been an adrenaline pumping past two days in the Scurlock household.  And no, I'm not talking about exams. 

This term Josh played on both an intramural basketball and flag football team.  I really don't know how he was able to keep up with his classes considering on average he had about 3 games a week this entire term.  Although I know it has been nice for him to be able to burn off some steam and get away from the books for an hour or so each night.  Both of his teams made it to the final game of the season, the championship. 

Basketball was Monday night.  Lots of fans came out for the KBT (Keith B. Taylor) vs. Local Grenadians game.  From the looks of it, Josh's team seemed a little outmatched.  Can you tell why? :)
It was a VERY exciting game that came down to a tie game with 5 seconds to go and a buzzer beater shot that went in.  And we WON!  KBT won the game and finished their season undefeated!
KBT (Steven, Kris, Keith, Ausim, Vlad, Esh, Thomas, Josh, Andy, and Nick)

A fan pic

But the games weren't over yet, the football championship still had to be played.  This time it was Toon Squad vs. Beast Mode.  I guess I have to say that this game wasn't quite as nerve wracking.  Josh's team won 27-6.  But then again, no other team in the league has a professional quarterback throwing for them. :)
Toon Squad
Championship Trophy

They aren't #2, they just won two championships!
And how could they not win?  They had the best fans ever!

I know it's just intramurals and most some of the time people take these games WAY to seriously, but they were still fun to watch.  It brought me back to Josh's college football games and it provided some great entertainment.
It couldn't have ended any better for these two teams.  I guess next season he is going to have his work cut out for him as Josh's teams will be the team to beat for both sports!


  1. Well congratulations! You two look like you are having way too much fun in Medical School!!!! I am glad to see you both looking so happy and enjoying Grenada. I hope I get to visit.
    Take care

    Julie's mum

  2. Aw my mum commented on your blog. :)

    Go Moooshhooooo!!

  3. I heard he was a professional quarterback from Sweden....=). Also, I heard they allmmooossttt lost him to recruiters prior to the flag football season...haha