Nov 22, 2011

People Say We Monkey Around

Amber, one of Kelsey's good friends, and a former Grenada SO (her hubby's now in clinicals and yes, we are all jealous) has been visiting Grenada this past week.  The two of them have been doing just about everything that Grenada has to offer and they have been kind enough to include me in their many excursions. 

Last week, we went up to Annandale Falls.  This was my second time there.  You can read about my first trip HERE.  When we arrived, there was an exciting little friend there to greet us!

Jack the monkey!

A big thanks to Amber for many of these great pics!
What kind of monkey is he?  Heck, I don't know. A cute one!

Although some of us were more fond of him than others.
Kelsey was not his biggest fan. Haha!
I LOVED him.  I wanted to take him home right then and there.  Do you think Josh would mind?  Maybe I need to start searching the Grenadian jungle for a baby monkey.  Who needs a puppy when you can have a monkey!  After lots of oohing and ahhing and squealing in terror on Kelsey's part, we headed to the waterfall.

We swam in the water until we realized, thanks to a guide, that there are TONS of freshwater fish in there.  I suppose I knew there had to be some fish in that water.  But I really didn't need it pointed out to me as I was swimming in it!  We went up under the waterfall and overall just really enjoyed ourselves.

So who wants to go monkey hunting with me?!? 


  1. Oh my gosh. How did you survive? Weren't you afraid that "cute" little guy would bite your face off? I'd be like Kelsey. Actually, I'd probably be crying. Good job on being a wild animal lover, though! Haha.

  2. Hi. My family and I are heading to Grenada in January. Your pictures are great. The hike looks amazing! And although I think it would be very cool to randomly see monkeys, I don't think I want one to touch me :o)

  3. You couldn't hate that little guy. He was sooo sweet! You and your family will love Grenada! It's beautiful here and I hear that January is a GREAT time to be here!