Nov 28, 2011

Pictures Are Worth Thousands Of Words

I have been wanting to take some professional pictures since the moment we arrived in Grenada.  This island is so full of natural beauty.  Josh and I have about 5 pictures together on this island over the past 6 months and in most of them we are sweaty, dressed in bathing suits, with salty ocean hair.  So, needless to say, I wanted some pictures that I would actually not be embarrassed to someday frame in my home.  And, though Josh really detests taking pictures, like seriously hates it, he agreed to do it because we kinda skipped over my birthday this year due to midterms.  So, I had some leverage.  And you better believe I used it. :)

Thankfully, my great SO friend Michelle is a photographer!  You can check out her photography blog HERE!  So last week, we took some pictures.  And just for the record, my hubby was a great sport.  Though I like pretty much all of them, here are some of my favorites.

I really am so very pleased with them.  Thanks again Michelle!

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