Dec 2, 2011

Breaking Dawn

It is an absolute miracle. 

Breaking Dawn came to the movie theater in Grenada. 

And it came in a timely manner.  Most movies take FOREVER to get to the theater here, if they ever even make it at all.  For instance, The Help just came out in theaters in Grenada, and it was out this summer in the states.

When new movies come out in Grenada, it calls for celebration.  This is the highlight of the week people!  Especially when it's the week before finals and all hubbys are completely MIA.  So a bunch of us girls went to our fabulous Grenadian movie theater (all 2 screens of it) on two-for-one night to see the new Twilight movie.  And it was great! We screamed, we laughed, heck some of us might have even cried.  It wasn't midnight showing in the USA kind of packed, but it was as packed and crazy as the theater gets on this island.

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